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Rodent Brain Slices Recording Assay

Creative Biolabs is the world-leading CRO for in vitro electrophysiological assays dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases drug discovery. We provide an exceptional expertise for neuroscientists who recognize electrophysiological experiments in slices as an important step in validating the effects of neurodegenerative diseases drug. With a large band-width and short turnarounds, Creative Biolabs accelerates your neurodegenerative diseases drug discovery programs until the IND claim.


We are able to perform electrophysiological recordings on rodent acute brain slices from any brain regions, such as:

Locus Cœruleus
Dorsal Raphe

Dorsal Raphe
Periaqueductal gray Matter
Spinal Cord
Substancia Nigra
Dorsal Vagal Nucleus
Ventral Tegmental Area

Creative Biolabs researchers will present protocols related to "regions of interest". We can isolate any brain region and execute the most appropriate protocol to reveal your compound properties: pharmacological properties, targets, mechanisms of action and safety concerns.

Patch Clamp Technology

The patch clamp technique is a versatile electrophysiological tool for understanding the activities of channels or receptors and a great number of studies have been conducted by applying this technique on brain neurons. We can physiologically characterize your cells / evaluate your compound's efficacy on single neuron down to single channel thanks to the different recording configurations (whole-cell, perforated-patch, cell-attached, outside-out).

We can record spontaneous firing activities, evoked responses (electrical or chemical stimulations), synaptic transmission, short-term and long-term synaptic plasticity. In addition, we can investigate more subtle parameters such as miniature excitatory or inhibitory currents or perform single-channels recordings.

Sample Data

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