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Mouse Microglia (SIM-A9), Immortalized

[CAT#: NCL-2105-P210-AM]

These cells can be used for disease modeling, drug screening and toxicology testing.

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Microglia are the resident macrophages of the brain and spinal cord. They are the first and main form of active immune defense in the nervous system. In addition to expressing microglia-specific markers CD68 and Iba1, small cells that are spontaneously immortal Murine microglia (SIM-A9) retain the ability to respond to exogenous inflammatory stimuli (LPS and β-amyloid), as well as the ability to secrete cytokines and nitric oxide, and to phagocytic biological debris.

Species description: C57BL/6 mouse
Expression profile: CD68, Iba1
Cell Types
Cell Assay
Application Notes
Cell Cuture:
PriNeu IV medium (NCL-2105-P176-AM)
Penicillin/Streptomycin Solution (NCL-2105-P172-AM)
Freeze Medium
90% FBS+10% DMSO
Tissue Source
Cell Purity
Cell Viability
Mycoplasma Testing
Sterility Testing
The cell line has been screened using the membrane filtration testing methods to confirm the absence of aerobic, anaerobic and fungi microorganisms.
Genetic Stability Testing
We perform cell genetic stability studies under ICH guidelines. We can provide guidance on the appropriate testing program upon your requirements.
Frozen on dry ice
Liquid nitrogen immediately upon delivery
Research Use Only
For research use only
Quality Control
1) Perform functional tests, such as nitrate determination, to evaluate the production of nitric oxide; 2) ELISA method to measure TNFa secretion after inflammation stimulation; 3) Western blot and immunocytochemistry to confirm the specific markers of microglia after stimulation Such as the expression of CD68 and Iba1 and the expression of M1/M2 phenotype-related proteins (COX-2/iNOS and Arg-1); 4) A tail 1-42 listening or E. The uptake of E. coli-derived biological particles is used to determine the phagocytic activity of SIM-A9 cells.
For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.
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